Third Chance by FJONG

The purpose of Third Chance by FJONG is to utilize the resources from our shared wardrobe to the maximum, by extending the lifetime of our items beyond renting. 

At Third Chance, you can buy second-hand designer clothing and accessories that used to be rental items at Norway’s leading shared wardrobe: FJONG.

Our clothes have had long and exciting lives, and have a history of experiences like weddings, award shows,  television productions, and even political elections. But most importantly, they have given joy to many sustainably-minded consumers that have chosen rental over shopping to contribute to a greener fashion industry. Now, they are ready for a quieter existence in their forever homes.

The fact that our products have been worn by several renters, doesn’t mean that they are in bad condition. We take pride in how we carefully handle and care for the garments while in our possession, with dry cleaning and accurate storage. As a result, most of the items we have for sale look as good as new even after several years of use.

We hope that you find your new second hand treasure at Third Chance <3